Friday, September 23, 2016

Today my 4yo stuck out her tongue at me when I told her to do something, and when I bellowed at her to not do it again, she gave me a face like, "I hate you bitch!"

I know it's only temporary, but I can't help but think... one day my girls will be talking back at me, and maybe even shout at me and make me cry. How do I know it'll happen? Well, let's just say... It's karma.

When I was down and vented on my mum, she went to the shower and my dad was the one that gave me a tight comforting squeeze on my shoulder and told me calmly (the thing is, my dad's always calm) what's right and what's not. I'm so grateful for having such a patient and loving dad. All men should be like him.

Everyday I'm struggling to set children on the right path, whether at home or in school. I struggle insanely with motherhood. And with work, everything's worse. Nothing's working out the way I want it to be. It's stressful. It's hard. Really hard. I want to spend time with my children, I want to teach them and guide them, and spur them on to do the right things and the good things. I want to do it everyday but I just don't have enough fuel to last me a day, especially when close to full tank was used up at work, and the only way to refuel is to really sleep through the night. I rarely do. And even if I have the energy, the time spent with them is too short.

I just hope that when one day I'm down and I decided to call it quits, whether for a day or permanently, my husband will be the one that will graciously take over the reins and calmly guide my girls, coach them, educate them, and comfort them when needed. A nurturing father figure is important, especially in little girls' lives. Because the girls need to see in him what we will expect them to see in their future husbands, if any.

And motherhood is just so not easy. Whoever think it's easy should just be in my place right now, typing on the phone while a 1yo is chewing on the most sensitive part like it's a teether.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A link for all moms-to-be

Don't be too obsessed with only giving your newborn breast milk. Just make sure they are fed.

Please read on:

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Last day at AST

A good breakfast before our "graduation ceremony".

I'll miss this awesomely spacious nursing room!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Cooking frenzy

Whipping up a simple meal.

I cooked ABC pasta for big girl and myself.

Packing goodie bags for baby's first birthday.

I made ice cream using orange juice.

I cooked porridge.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Asked my mum where she wanna enjoy a good meal on mother's day. She said, "No, it'll be crowded. That'll be difficult for you with your two young kids. Just come back and I'll cook for everyone. We'll enjoy a simple meal together and the kids can play and we can just hang out without braving the crowd. We'll dine out another day."

That's why to me, she's forever the best best best mother in the whole wide world!! And I'm forever thankful for being such a blessed daughter.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Count my blessings

Sigh, I think I sprained my right ankle. It started with a mild pain in the morning and it's getting worse throughout the day of walking on flat grounds plus going up and down the stairs. 

What perked me up was when I reached home moments ago, to see my girl dancing around in front of the baby's high chair entertaining her baby sister and laughing away at her own silly moves. My girl has just finished her dinner and mum-in-law's still feeding the littler one. I'm counting my blessings everyday, to have such lovely daughters and wonderful support at home.

Added 2 days later: MIL is a gem! She rubbed my foot with medicated ointment and gave me medicated plasters to apply on my foot overnight, and my foot felt better on the next day. *thankful indeed*

Monday, May 2, 2016

Babies' playdate

Today my parents-in-law brought my big girl out so I can bring my baby girl our for a babies' gathering with her peers.

Since we're meeting after lunch, I decided to cook lunch for myself using the electric lunch box that my mum gave me. She has passed it to me for some weeks but I haven't gotten a chance to use it. When baby girl fell into deep slumber during her morning nap, I quickly whipped up a simple meal with some of the frozen stuff that I bought.

I put rice with chopped mock balls and cherry tomatoes to cook with the brown rice in the main compartment, and steamed some kimchi dumplings in the top compartment. And while waiting for the food to be cooked and my girl to wake up, I had a tub of the yummy ginkgo nuts, beancurd skin and barley dessert that my MIL cooked in the morning. As usual, she cooked a huge batch and portioned them into tubs to bring out for her friends. My big girl who joined their gathering enjoyed the dessert too!

When my girl woke up, with had lunch together. Her porridge was already put inside the Hello Kitty Thermos by MIL before they left, and I had my first electric lunch box meal. I popped some mock soy nuggets into the air fryer and enjoyed the quick lunch.

After lunch, I washed up and changed, and we went out for a playdate with her peers at Tickle Tickle. After many shots, I realized that my girl's always looking at other people's food! In fact, she goes after anyone who has snacks for her. Such a foodie, just like a sis! Oops, and her mum too. :P

I thought this piccy's so cute, I added the speech balloons after laughing over my girl's pose.

I brought her dinner out and fed her the porridge while we were still at Tickle Tickle. Then we headed home and I decided not to make a pit stop for food, so I went straight home and cooked dinner for myself.

And yup... I used the same 3 frozen food again for dinner. This time, the sides on the plate were dumped in the air fryer while I also topped my extra spicy curry Maggi with a slice of cheese. ^^